Work with me:

Gab White Art & Design is a One-Woman Shop specializing in UX / UI Design and Branding.

I work with early stage startups, ambitious entrepreneurs, and conscious companies to create memorable brands and completely custom websites. Here’s how we can collaborate:

UX/UI Reviews

UX Single Feature Review

Starting At $350

If you’re not sure how a UX audit could be valuable for your business, or if you know you only have one single issue you need to focus on, then this step may be all you need.

Here are a few common examples that can be addressed with a UX/UI Review:

  • How can my onboarding experience be improved?
  • Why aren’t people completing the checkout on my site?
  • Why isn’t anyone returning after their first visit?

Here’s what a UX/UI Review includes:

  • We’ll have a 30 min phone call about the key challenges you’re having with your app and what you want to improve.
  • I’ll spend 1 hour reviewing your app and making detailed notes on what’s not working + give you some suggested improvements to your UX and UI.
  • We’ll have another 30 min call to review findings and I’ll suggest next steps you can take to continue to improve your UX / UI experience.

Full UX/UI Analysis

Starting At $1,500

This is a deeper analysis that looks closely at your business value proposition, the overall design usability of your product, and the key tasks people need to perform using your product.

This step is designed to drill down into the nitty-gritty and identify potential blind spots from your product team.

Here’s what a Full UX/UI Analysis includes:

  • We’ll have a 30 min call to discuss challenges your product is facing and goals of completing a UX review.
  • I’ll conduct 5 user tests and interviews with your current app users to troubleshoot common issues.
  • I’ll complete a full review of each screen of your product breaking down the interactions on your app.
  • I’ll then compile this information into a PDF document with annotated screenshots outlining interaction steps and recommendations.
  • I’ll prepare a competitive analysis looking at how your competitors handle key interactions on their sites.
  • We’ll have a final 1-hour call to review findings and discuss recommended next steps for your app design.

Wireframes and Design Style Guide

Starting At $1,500

After completing your Full UX/UI Analysis I’ll design a set of wireframes for your app that maps out an improved user experience.

By this stage, I’ll understand who your competitors are, your unique value proposition, and most importantly: who your users are.

Your Wireframes and Design Style Guide will be backed by research, best practices and good design principles.

Here’s what your Wireframe and Design Style Guide includes:

  • You’ll get a full set of clickable, digital wireframes that can serve as a prototype for your new app design.
  • Your new wireframe design will be tested with 5 different users to test for ease of use.
  • I’ll create a detailed style guide outlining specific UI styles like fonts, buttons, icons, and design patterns.

Web & Product Design

Small Business Package: Custom Website Design

Starting At $2,500


  • Inspiration + Moodboard for the overall look and feel of your website.
  • Fully design designed mock-ups and style guide for desktop and mobile before your site goes into development.


  • Small to medium sized businesses that need something more than an “out of the box” website.
  • Brick and Mortar business that need a few extra features on their website (ex: Scheduler, Booking, Category Galleries)
  • Startups that need a marketing site for their SaaS product.
  • Entrepreneurs that need a custom sales page or a membership site for their e-learning or info-product offering.


Brand Beginnings Package

Starting At $2,500


  • Moodboard for the look and feel of your brand.
  • 2 logo concepts for you to choose from.
  • Your chosen logo delivered in .eps, .png, .pdf, and .jpg formats.
  • Brand style guide outlining typography, colours, icons and graphics and any suggested stock photography.


Pick and choose other items to add to your brand beginnings packages. Prices may vary depending on project scope. 

  • Ebook Design: On-brand interactive PDFs that are perfect for lead-magnets, worksheets, and checklists.
  • Business card design
  • Booklets, Annual Reports, and Brochures
  • Signage, posters, and flyers
  • Swag items: tote bags, tees, ball-caps, water bottles, you name it.