Work in Progress: 2017 Print Calendar

October 5, 2016

It’s not often that I share my in-progress works, but I thought I’d make an exception for a special 2017 print calendar design I’m currently working on in between client work.

2017 Calendar Design

For the last year I’ve been creating a monthly “Screenspiration” and for the past several months, I’ve adopted a bit of a similar aesthetic for the design each month.

This project has been purely for the personal joy of illustration and creating something mildly useful for people, and when I started the project, I had no real plans of taking it further.

Earlier this summer I had the idea that creating an actual PRINTED calendar, that you could have on your desk or tacked on your cubicle wall could be a fun thing to do for 2017. So here’s a first look at what it will be like!

I still have a few months left to draw: November and December of course, but I also want to re-do January since that one is a different aesthetic and I wasn’t super-happy with my September wallpaper last month, so I’m going to re-do that one as well.

2017 Calendar Design


2017 Calendar Design


2017 Calendar Design

I’m pretty excited about this project, it’s mostly a big experiment at this stage. There’s a lot more finessing I want to do for the design and I’m not sure how many I’m going to have printed or where I’ll be selling them (if I sell them outside of my website).

Things I’m still thinking about:

– Getting them printed on a nice matte-finish, heavier paper so they have more of a “craft” kind of aesthetic.

– I don’t want to have a visible spiral coil to bind them (I find it a bit tacky), so I might go for a hidden coil, or maybe just get the printer to punch a hole in the top and use a ribbon or a baker’s twine kind of thing for the binding.

– I haven’t designed the cover yet, I’m planning on working on it over the weekend, so I’ll share some drafts here as well!

– I’m also thinking about some alternative sizes, the final dimensions for this one will be 9″ x 6″, but I’m considering a poster sized version for a “full-year-at-a-glance” kind of thing.

I’m hoping to get the first run of them printed by the end of the month and I want to keep the price at around $15-20 + around $5 for Canada-wide shipping. I’ll probably do international shipping as well but shipping rates are hard to calculate before I have an actual product!

If you’re interested in ordering a 2017 calendar, please send me an email! It’ll help me figure out how many I should get for the first print run.




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