The “How’s Your Hair?” Weather App is a Curly-Haired Gal’s BFF

April 10, 2014



While I was in my front-end development course at HackerYou, we did a ton of projects at a rapid-fire rate. Some of the things I only worked on for only a day before I moved onto the next thing, so I didn’t really have a chance to take every single exercise to its full potential.

One exercise that I really wanted to come back to and I finally had some time to work with this week, was a weather app that I built using the Weather Underground API . As someone who has spent years of her life oscillating between embracing my curly hair to the point of abandoning my hair dryer versus beating my curly hair into submission with a high-power hair dryer and industrial strength flat iron – a lot of my good hair days depend on the weather conditions. Sometimes you can peer out your window on a sunny June morning and expect nothing but the best of hair days, only to step outside and realize that the humidity is at 95% and  all that work gone into heat styling your hair was wasted. You can literally watch your straightened locks shrivel up into frizzy corkscrews before your eyes, and if you didn’t bring an emergency hair elastic, well then, you’re shit out of luck.


I’m over-dramatizing here for a reason: this app will take the guesswork of whether it’s going to be a good hair day or not out of the equation. Type in your city and province/state name (no initials, this app likes you to be super specific!), hit submit, and TA-DA, you get your answer! Easy-peasy. No more bad-hair days, because you’ll know in advance whether you need an umbrella or a hat with you on your daily commute. If you’re like me and sometimes do your hair-styling in the evening, the app will also let you know what the weather is calling for tomorrow. If it’s calling for rain or snow it’ll warn you not to bother straightening your hair tonight.

Check out the live version of the app here! 

There you have it, friends! Cheers to good hair days!


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Howard - April 29, 2014

Is there a WordPress plugin for this?


Hi Howard!

There isn’t a WordPress plugin for it right now, but it is something that I’m considering! I’m looking to work with a few different developers right now to maybe push the project further.

Glad you liked it!