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Getting into Freelance Alignment

When I first started full-time freelancing back in 2015, I thought I was going to love every minute of being my own boss. Making decisions about what projects I’d be working on, working directly with clients, and taking full ownership of my projects would be my career-happy-place. I also thought work would feel easy. That I’d wake up in the morning excited to go to my office and start my day. And, truthfully, most days things do feel pretty easy. Most days I do feel excited to go to my office. Read More

Identifying Red Flags and High Risk Projects as a Freelancer

A few weeks ago when I was writing my Business Lessons Learned in 2016, I realized there was a spin-off post… Read More

Business Lessons Learned in 2016

Growing a one-person business ain’t easy. Since I launched my full-time freelance business in 2015, I’ve been focusing on… Read More

The Story Behind My Re-Design

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I wrote a sincere blog post that wasn’t about calendars or Screenspiration illustrations. Read More

Screenspiration 16: December Wallpapers

It’s time for some festive December Wallpapers! I’m feeling a little bittersweet because this is my last month for tech wallpapers. It’s been a fun… Read More

2017 Calendar: Now Shipping!

  My 2017 Calendars are now shipping! Late last week I picked up a big box of calendars from the printer. So if you’ve ordered… Read More