The Best Things I Found on the Internet – April 4

April 4, 2014


It’s been a long time since I’ve done a best things on the internet post, but lately I’ve noticed myself saving a bunch of links in my Evernote of articles that I’ve read and really loved recently. So why not just share them with everyone like I used to?

A really great short read on the emergence of Experts vs Employees.

This is a really encouraging ready about the shift in leadership in teen girls. The quote below really sums it up for me.

…last fall Seventeen conducted a national survey of teen girls 13-19 to ask how they defined power. The results were stunning: Independence — which girls defined as “calling the shots” at work and “living life on your own terms” — accounted for 41 percent of what makes a girl powerful, they said. Philanthropy, social activism and “making a difference in the world” accounted for another 29 percent of what makes them feel powerful. Money, awards and fame, which are all the traditional ways Forbes or Fortune might track “power,” trailed with tiny percentages at the bottom of the pack.

The Real Life House of Oz blows my mind a little bit. So much whimsy!

Waste all of your time on Amusing Planet. So much cool stuff, so little time.

I love this super-simplified explanation of user experience and the web: content first. FINALLY.

How to be Rich Like Me by someone who is well known but not at all rich really puts in perspective that not everyone who is kind of famous is rich.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love airbnb. I love airbnb so much that since 2012 between myself and Ryan we’ve stayed in 9 different airbnb apartments while travelling and they’ve all been super awesome. I can’t wait to see what the founders of airbnb do next.

10 Ideas to Drum Up New Business is a great read for any freelancer, but also for my fellow HackerYou grads who are now out in the world freelancing/job-hunting!

Some posts of mine you may have missed: You Deserve to Do What You Love, 24 things I’ve learned by 24, Swing Time With Aerial Yoga


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